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  • Step 2: Input a target account
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  • Step 1: Input a target account
  • Step 2: Input the number of post
  • Step 3: Click on scrap (and wait until the logs section pop up new messages)
  • Step 4: Result is shown in the Result table
  • Targeted Account must be public
  • Or you have the right to view his/her/its posts
  • The scrapping speed is adjusted to follow Twitter policies
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Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
Splitted out by: Friedrich Nietzsche.
- A Smart German Dude

14:48:09 2022-05-19 - rkafros tweeted: @fayssecretsssss Επιχειρηματικότητα βδέλλα των επιδοτήσεων 🤣
14:48:09 2022-05-19 - alisan21 tweeted: @GladysPeaGalla3 @MuchoGustoMEGA @izkia Señora a su edad me daría vergüenza opinar con ese nivel de argumento! Imagino, que los años entregan sabiduría y por lo mismo se PIENSA antes de hablar! 😉
14:48:09 2022-05-19 - 6minutesuron tweeted:
14:48:09 2022-05-19 - lucaforever__ tweeted: @serotoniride Mi sa proprio di sì
14:48:09 2022-05-19 - dgsryu tweeted: "I, Kazuma Asougi, have a 'request' to ask of you from the bottom of my heart." W...What's with that? You're being so formal....
14:48:09 2022-05-19 - sector_6_ tweeted: The most real pain at the very end stages of Final Fantasy X though...
14:48:09 2022-05-19 - renaudlaquedem tweeted: @Vritrite 3’4”
14:48:09 2022-05-19 - stinny_7 tweeted: @lauralauraxxxx Good, I hope you will be! Yeah life’s good thank you! 😁
14:48:09 2022-05-19 - ferrarisergio4 tweeted: @cinziageraci1 🐱🐱🐱
14:48:12 2022-05-19 - alan_tdr_ tweeted: @bizarrolivecl @puntoticket #EstoSeraLegendaddy Tu principeeeee mi favoritaaaaa la csm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #LEYENDADDY
14:48:12 2022-05-19 - tnzn00 tweeted: j'me plaignais des grosses assos de psycho qui font aucun travail quant aux résurgences de sciences raciales en leur sein mais alors en économie aussi ça a l'air pas mal mdr
14:48:12 2022-05-19 - lfvriders tweeted: @freddy_stock Callate tonto weon todos vivimos en un solo país y se acabó, veamos si en septiembre aprueban el mamarracho de constitución indesente antes de eso no célebres antes de tiempo.
14:48:12 2022-05-19 - irectifyyy tweeted: @Lew2Slappy Slizzy wid it 🥶
14:48:12 2022-05-19 - hana71791424 tweeted: We are proud of you. #HugForCan
14:48:12 2022-05-19 - balyholland68 tweeted: @generalgrb @danwootton Wow , who rattled you
14:48:12 2022-05-19 - entares_7 tweeted: @AxelTheBosse @YassineTwt 53 killo c'est vraiment peux alors si tu fais plus de 1m60 t'es plutôt 2 pour 1m80 en full sèche avec une faible masse genre 2-3 j'étais a 73killo
14:48:12 2022-05-19 - kathignacia_ tweeted: TU PRÍNCIPEEEEEEE #estoseralegendaddy @bizarrolivecl @puntoticket 😽😽😽😽
14:48:13 2022-05-19 - dsgbdarius tweeted: @elite__milk Yea that cat expensive
14:48:14 2022-05-19 - sumitkrsharma tweeted: Roughly 3/4th from edtech
14:48:15 2022-05-19 - chriskili_29 tweeted: 🤣🤣
14:48:15 2022-05-19 - ali00h0027 tweeted: @_morvarid_s چرا ؟
14:48:15 2022-05-19 - bimalendrakuma2 tweeted: Participated as Main Speaker in National Seminar on the theme of 'Significance of Pali and Sanskrit in the Perspective of Buddhist Philosophy' organized by School of Buddhist Studies, Vivekananda Subharati University Meerut, held on 16.05.2022. Also attended the Buddhist Mela.
14:48:15 2022-05-19 - _sall200 tweeted: @Hanen1000 بضبط
14:48:15 2022-05-19 - abdulla50103797 tweeted: جب تک الیکشن کا اعلان نہیں ہوجاتا کسی لالی پاپ کو قبول مت کریں یوم تشکر صرف شفاف الیکشن ہونے کے بعد قوم منائے گی ان شاء اللہ،، یاد رکھیں جن سے ہمارا مقابلہ ہے وہ بے وقوف بنانے اور دھوکا دینے کو عین عبادت سمجھتے ہیں۔۔ #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور
14:48:14 2022-05-19 - shantanu1640926 tweeted: Comment some captions for this 😂😂🤣🤣 Align.....
14:48:15 2022-05-19 - nn77726d tweeted: @namwarnpattt @missYH60104437 เรายังมีลูกต้องเลี้ยงนะคุนนว🥹
14:48:14 2022-05-19 - vikitweetz tweeted: @GautamGambhir Bhai...your anger and frustration was seen last evening post LSGs win, but KKR is also your team....we at KKR miss you coz you were the one who actually shaped the KKR future. Wish you were heading the KKR unit. All the best with LSG.
14:47:36 2022-05-19 - shonah95643107 tweeted: So agree with #brucewitkin that Kipper was a huge damn scam. $100k a month watching them both drunk and high and #johnnydepp got hurt by AH under his care! Knew what he was doing that one 👿
14:47:41 2022-05-19 - beas_villanelle tweeted: @villanellesbebe @hernamehurts @cruzdelwisteria clearly
14:48:04 2022-05-19 - eli111111111 tweeted: @gordonmurry @PaulMeekPerth It's insanity LNP hadn't prepared for people positive with covid needed to be able to vote #LNPMassiveFail #LNPliarsCrooksThieves
14:48:17 2022-05-19 - kaushikpraney tweeted: @mpopat 😂😂😂
14:47:31 2022-05-19 - abii_powell tweeted: @megsy1927 @Harry_Styles @HSHQ @youarehome same 😩😩 harry over sleep tho
14:47:54 2022-05-19 - maxxiearts tweeted: Seeing my profile pic like this confuses me and I like it
14:47:26 2022-05-19 - gritfoxau tweeted: @UrkiFN Full gay or na?
14:48:06 2022-05-19 - johnnjaayy tweeted: @TheStonedFrogs @justape_ @NesrineeK @makimalover_
14:47:29 2022-05-19 - porsenpaix tweeted: มาช้าแต่มานะ